Make an impact on the future of healthcare in East Tennessee…for 你的家人, for your neighbors, and for your local community.

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The Office of Philanthropy coordinates fund raising efforts for six foundations that man年龄 contributions and support for 约健康’s hospitals and services.

Would you like to get involved? Please contact any of us to learn how your donation can impact the health care available for you, 你的家人, your friends and neighbors.

Foundations Supporting Our Mission

Claiborne County Healthcare Foundation

The Foundation serves the residents of Claiborne and surrounding counties by supporting Claiborne Medical Center in its commitment to providing high-quality and cost-effective health care services. The Foundation promotes interaction, understanding and communication between the hospital and the community it serves.

Fort Sanders Foundation

The Foundation provides support and man年龄s contributions for the programs and services of Fort Sanders Regional, Parkwest, 堡罗, Cumberland and Roane medical centers, Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, 半岛, Covenant HomeCare/临终关怀 and other 约健康 affiliates and programs.

Methodist Medical Center Foundation

The Foundation man年龄s charitable contributions that support Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge and its programs, such as the Hospitality Houses, 田园保健, 心脏病学, oncology and 女性的bg真人官网.

Dr. 罗伯特F. 托马斯基金会

The Foundation is named for a physician and minister who spent many years serving residents of Sevier County. The Foundation honors the memory of Dr. Thomas by supporting the services of LeConte Medical Center, including new technology, capital improvements, patient care programs and community health projects.

Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation

The Foundation supports cancer care at Thompson Cancer Network locations throughout 约健康 by funding research, community outreach services and patient support.

Morristown-Hamblen Hospital Foundation

The Foundation supports Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System in promoting and advancing community well-being through quality healthcare and services. The only hospital in the Lakeway area, Morristown-Hamblen provides healthcare to residents of the hospital’s eight-county service area and offers comprehensive cancer care, 心, 肺, 血管护理, 女性的bg真人官网, 普通外科, 整形外科, emergency treatment, 以及重症监护.

A Not-For-Profit, Community-Owned Healthcare System

We are committed to improving the quality of life in East Tennessee through better health. In partnership with our generous donors, 约的10,000 +员工, 医生, and volunteers are providing the very best care for our patients and their families.